CTN Shareholders

NAOS Asset Management Limited (NAOS) are pleased to welcome
Contango MicroCap Limited (CTN) shareholders to our investment community.

About NAOS

We are a specialist fund manager currently managing two other listed investment companies (LICs), NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company (ASX:NCC) and NAOS Absolute Opportunities Company (ASX:NAC). Led by Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer Sebastian Evans, NAOS adopt a disciplined, high conviction, long term and value driven approach to investing. We believe this approach will provide CTN shareholders with the greatest opportunity to realise positive absolute returns in the form of capital growth and growing income generation over the long term.

NAOS and CTN Shareholder Alignment

It’s paramount that the interests of our shareholders are well aligned with our own, NAOS have significant holdings across both NCC and NAC and we will treat CTN no differently. The NAOS directors intend to invest in CTN alongside existing shareholders as a way of creating a meaningful alignment of interests.

CTN Shareholder Roadshow Events and Conference Call

NAOS see value in the sharing of investment ideas via open and transparent communication with our shareholders to ensure investors are able to make informed decisions. Over the coming weeks, NAOS will be holding a number of investor events around Australia and we encourage CTN shareholders to attend. This will be an opportunity for shareholders to meet the NAOS team, ask any questions they may have and to learn about the strategic changes we will be making to maximise the potential for strong sustainable CTN shareholder returns over the long term. More details on these events will be released on this page over the coming days, in addition we will inviting all CTN shareholders to participate in an investor conference call prior to the CTN AGM (November 28th). 

The NAOS team greatly appreciates your support and encourages investor feedback, all questions on this appointment can be directed to ctn@naos.com.au or (02) 9002 1576.

CTN Investor Conference Call 2 Recording & Presentation Materials

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CTN Investor Conference Call Recording & Presentation Materials

Listen to the recording here:

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