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Skin in the Game - Financial Standard 19 April 2022

May 2, 2022

Founder-led businesses present an attractive opportunity for investors as they are buoyed by their leader's desire to outperform, succeed, and leave a legacy. Do they provide a competitive advantage, and what are the things to consider when contemplating a new investment? 

Chloe Walker from the Financial Standard interviews Sebastian Evans (Chief Investment Officer, NAOS Asset Management) along with other industry professionals to discuss this theory.

This article was published in the Financial Standard on 19th April 2022.


NAOS Asset Management chief investment officer and managing director Sebastian Evans concurs with Cassar’s views

“I think a lot of people will say that the Australian equity market doesn’t stand out because of diversification, but I think you could take an opposite view and say that the market stands out because of the current macro environment,” Evans says.

“Our stability in the geopolitical space that we operate in provides a reasonably sound macro backdrop. For example, the Australian government’s balance sheet relative to other places around the world is in reasonable shape, and some of the industries that we are exposed to actually have a pretty strong tailwind, for example, the mining sector.

“So, you could definitely argue that the Australian equity market provides a pretty reasonable backdrop compared to a lot of places around the world.”

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