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The Good Oil: NAOS’ Top Podcasts, Websites and Blogs

November 21, 2022

The Good Oil: NAOS’ Top Podcasts, Websites and Blogs

When there are 500 million tweets published every day, our ability to access information is at an all-time high and so too, is the opportunity to learn from others. At NAOS, we spend a considerable amount of time learning from peers and other market participants, thus imitating Owen Rask at The Australian Investors Podcast, we have outlined the top resources we frequently visit and learn from.

Link to Livewire article

Farnam Street and The Knowledge Project

Farnam Street is potentially one of the best resources aimed at helping people think and make smarter decisions. The lessons apply not only to work but life more broadly, as they attempt to ‘master the best of what other people have already figured out'. Whether it’s their podcast, The Knowledge Project, or their weekly newsletter, we find this one of the most insightful resources.

Favourite episode #82 – Bill Ackman: Getting Back UpLINK

The Knowledge Project (The Knowledge Project)

Masters in Business & The Big Picture

Named one of the most important economic journalists in the United States, Barry Ritholtz has built a career focusing on how the intersection of behavioural economics and data affects investors. Currently writing for Bloomberg Opinion, and previously The Washington Post, Ritholtz covers a wide range of topics in his weekly podcast, everything from politics, meme stocks, emerging markets and behavioural finance, with a star-studded guest list.

Finally, it’s worth subscribing to Ritholtz’s blog the Big Picture, where he covers a range of topics but the biggest drawcard is his reading list in which he summarises ten articles from around the globe, addressing key topics and issues that you might not come across reading local newspapers.

If you want to learn more about Rithotlz, he is interviewed by Vishal Khandelwal on The One Percent Show, (#10 LINK)

Favourite Masters in Business episode – Morgan Housel on the Culture of Finance – (LINK)

The Big Picture

Capital Allocators (podcast)

Ted Seides started his career at Yale University Investment Office and has built a career investing in alternative investment managers, but has turned his focus to sharing of knowledge from a well-resourced guest list. While his guests are more US and European-centric, the insights are endless and well worth following.

Favourite episode - #227 – Paul Black & Michael Trigg – How to build a $100b Money Manager – (LINK)

If you want to learn more about Seides, his career and some of the insights he has learnt along the way, check out episode #269  (LINK)

Capital Allocators (Capital Allocators with Ted Seides - #1 Institutional Investing Podcast)

We Study Billionaires & Business Break Downs

The above two podcasts are not related but can be grouped together as the creators have established a strong following by conducting deep dives into how businesses operate. While at times they can go deep into the weeds of some stocks, the insights are invaluable as they unpack the key drivers of a particular business with the help of external guests, generally fund managers and analysts.

For those not wanting to get stuck in the weeds, We Study Billionaires does have some impressive guests from financial analysts to authors and economists.

Favourite episodes

  • We Study Billions #280 - History of 5 Stock Market Crashes with Scott Nations – (LINK)
  • Business Break Downs #65 – Rolex – (LINK)

We study Billionaires

How I Built this

A podcast solely focusing on entrepreneurs and how they have built their iconic business. Guy Raz, the creator, interviews a wide range of founders getting a first-hand insight into the critical moments, whether that be the key failures or triumphs each founder has gone through.

Favourite Episode #368 – Springfree Trampoline: Keith Alexander & Steve Holmes – (LINK)

How I Built This with Guy Raz on Apple Podcasts

Masters Invest

Written by an Australian Fund Manager, the blog is a collection of book summaries and master-class tutorials from a range of asset managers, business founders and CEOs.

For a quick summary on the author and where the idea of the blog came from, check out the following podcast #67 – Investment Master Class with John Garrett (LINK)

Investment Masters Class

Savvy Investor

An impressive platform that has a simple mission of being the leading source of white papers and thought leadership papers for investors. The platform aggregates content from around the globe in a single location.

Savvy Investor

While it is hard keeping the above list short, there are a few noteworthy sources that must be mentioned, these include:

Letters to Shareholders: Berkshire Hathaway, Pershing Square Holdings, Sequoia Fund

Insights from Global Fund Managers: Oaktree Capital, Akre Capital

Top Investment Blogs: Jason Zweig, Mohnish Parbrai (Chai with Pabria)

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