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Being Long Term In A Short Term World

Last night NAOS hosted its second 'Insights' evening in Sydney. The theme for the event was 'Being Long Term in a Short Term World'.  Our guest speaker,...

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Sebastian Evans Speaks to Eureka Report

We had the pleasure of meeting and discussing all things NAOS with Mitchell Sneddon of the Eureka Report on Wednesday 30th September. A copy of the...

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Investigating US Airlines; Consolidation and Industry Trends

According to IATA’s 2050 Vision Report, in the past 40 years the volume of air travel has expanded tenfold and air freight has grown by a factor of...

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Revisiting the Chinese Tourism Wave: July 2015

Over the past year we have heard about and witnessed a significant increase of Chinese tourists to Australia. In this piece we examine the trends of...

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Ben Rundle Shares His Thoughts on Livewire Buy/Hold/Sell

In this edition of Buy/Hold/Sell Ben Rundle, Portfolio Manager at NAOS, shares his views on four 'market darlings' that have experienced a recent market...

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Global Interest Rates, The Next Big Call

The ultimate call over the near term will be whether or not global interest rate will rise and if this will have a negative effect on economic growth and...

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International Equities; Expanding the Opportunity Set

Historically, Australian investors have kept it local, primarily choosing domestically listed stocks to build portfolios. However, as the investment...

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The Rise and Rise of LICs

As profiled in Investor Daily 24th March 2015

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NAOS Conviction Calls - Lindsay Australia

Unless you live in a bubble, themes playing out in the macroeconomic environment will impact on the performance of companies and their issued capital.

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Precursor to Reporting Season

The key questions we will be asking companies during this reporting period will be closely ties to the sentiment and trends playing out in global macro...

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