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Quality of Earnings & Flaws of the P/E Ratio – Ben Rundle NAOS PM

Often when analysts and market commentators talk about valuation of certain businesses, the method used is the price to earnings or P/E ratio. A price...

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Switzer TV | Sebastian Evans on Investing for long-term outperformance

 Investing for long-term outperformance

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Switzer Super Report | Professional’s Pick MNF Group

By Sebastian Evans | MD and CIO of NAOS Asset Management

What is the stock? 

MNF Group (Formerly My Net Fone) ASX: MNF

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Wilsons Advisory Research | Listed Investment Company (LIC) April Update

In this month’s publication, Wilsons Advisory Research feature some key LICs within the following categories: domestic equities – large/medium cap and...

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Cuffelinks | How corporate activity helps build a small cap portfolio - Robert Miller

A common theme of investing in small cap stocks is limited liquidity, or in other words, difficulty acquiring or selling stock. This can naturally...

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Sebastian Evans talks to Peter Switzer | Personal Finance, Market Report

Sebastian speaks to Peter Switzer on what makes NAOS different and why he wouldn't invest in Snapchat Listen to the radio interview here

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CEO Insights - Week Ending Friday 12/5/17 By NAOS Asset Management

“We're now seeing discussions turn. People are talking about opening mines again that have been shut for some time. People are talking about...
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CEO INSIGHTS – Week Ending 5 May 2017 BY NAOS Asset Management

“I don’t know how TPG will roll out their network. I just know ­Telstra spends almost twice as much just maintaining the network we have. And to become a...

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Baillieu Holst Research| NCC Top Performer

The March 2017 Baillieu Holst Performance Review and Update highlights Small/Mirco Cap Industrial focused LIC NAOS Emerging Opportunities Company...

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Sell in May & Go Away by Rob Miller

The old saying ‘Sell in May & Go Away’ is starting to be whispered around the market. There are many reasons behind this seasonal period for the ASX,...

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